How it Works

We have trained Genetic Specialist (Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, PhDs, Registered Nurses, Master Nutritionists, etc.) that are certified in the genetic treatment protocols and have real world experience in clinic helping patients.  Please contact us if you want to be connected with a GX Sciences doctor in your area!

Time Savings and Convenience for You

Your medical professional sent you a link that directed you to the GX Specialist service before you see them in clinic. This allows them to more efficiently start a precise treatment for you on your first visit.

The service provides the following:
  • Full comprehensive review with recommendations for treatment.
  • Streamlined treatment regimens based on your genetics.
  • Complete transparency between GX Specialist and Doctor.
  • Continuing education as new information becomes available.


These GX Specialist have completed the training through GX Sciences.