About Us

Our team of GX Specialist are trained to help save patients time in starting treatment with their GX Sciences certified providers and doctors. We provide the initial consultation to you; allowing for easier implementation and more meaningful discussion with your doctor on the very first visit.

Why GX Sciences

GX Sciences, a premiere biotechnology company / laboratory based in Austin, TX, is proud to introduce the most comprehensive Nutrigenomic testing and interpretation platform available in the medical marketplace. Our customized software, is specifically designed for medical providers only and allows the provider to validate a patient’s specific nutritional needs, laboratory recommendations, lifestyle recommendations and health precautions based on the patient’s individual DNA findings. GX Sciences is specifically designed to empower the healthcare professionals and patients with an easy-to-use, scientifically validated genomic platform to provide health and recovery through personalized nutrition.

"The GX Specialist group is about helping docotors get maximum results with their patients based on clinical success over several years.  I have trained hundreds of physicians in genetic treatment protocols and was the Corporate Trainer for GX Sciences for three years.  Our goal is to change the approach in clinic to help resolve issues and to implement preventive solutions through your healthcare professional".   - Brad Mullens / Corporate Trainer

Personalized Nutrigenomic Analysis

Each Panel Provides The Following:
  • SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) results for each patient tested
  • Specific nutritional recommendations needed to overcome the identified genetic weaknesses
  • Specific nutritional products and therapeutic suggestions to make it easy for the patient
  • Lifestyle recommendations a patient should consider
  • Recommended laboratory tests to support the findings